Growing In Good Soil

The Last Month

It’s now November, the last month of this Year of Mercy. This year, seeds have been planted in our hearts. Now comes the time of waiting, of careful watering and tilling of the soil. We are responsible for the care of ourselves in discipline and faith; remaining good soil so that these seeds can grow. “God is a farmer who sows the seed of his love liberally, on good and bad soil, to saint and sinner alike. There is no limit to God’s willingness to save. If we are the least bit cooperative, the grace of God will cause life to spring up in us thirty, sixty, or a hundred fold” –Bishop Robert Barron

Just like the scattered seeds, there is no limit to Mercy; it is available to all. However, just like the seeds that have been given to saints and sinners alike, we also need to cooperate with Him so that these take root and spring up, thirty, sixty, and a hundred fold.