The Joy of Christ

Infinite Joy

Bishop Robert Barron notes that evangelization doesn’t start with law, it starts with joy. As evangelists, we may not be able pass on all the Church’s teachings on morality and ethics, but we should be radiating the joy that comes from living in Jesus Christ. Now, it doesn’t mean we have to be happy all the time; to be joyful requires us to always make an effort to attain it. Thomas Aquinas uses wealth as an example: “For if the acquisition of money were through an act of the will, the covetous man would have it from the very moment that he wished for it.” We cannot only wish for money; the will for money accompanies action to attain it, so that money is actually acquired. The same is true for joy; it’s not enough to simply desire joy, but we must also take action in actually attaining it. We are made for infinite joy! Do we continue to persevere in our search to satisfy this infinite joy?