The Value of life

It’s Not Up To You

The sense of human dignity, our moral attitude towards life, is bound in our belief that life is Sacred. That humans, by their very existence, have an undeniable right to life. And this right to life does not hinge on how valuable the person is to society. Any person is of the highest value simply because they are created by and in the image of God, and destined to eternal life with Him. In the Gospel this week we will hear of the lepers cleansed by Jesus. These people, who are considered to be completely useless people, stripped of all their dignity by society, suffering immensely painful physical ailments, are saved by Jesus. Their human dignity was always intact and recognized by God when no one else saw it. So we too must remember, that when we become “useless”, “a burden”, when life gets very painful and devoid of all meaning, that life itself is still sacred, and we don’t have any right to take it away.